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A Total Revamp

I have upraded my account as I plan to be more active now that things in RL have settled into somewhat nomality. I have also decided to make a true attempt at NaNoWriMo and as such will be creating a special community with snippets, PB's and everything else that tags with that. Any way, since I am really starting over I am going to do a major revision on this journal...I want to feel comfortable and pleased with my money, and while I started on that it's no where near that. So thank you and hope to see you all soon  
beautiful Nikki Kidman

A bit late, I know

But as  I have just gotten HPandTDH,  and people are starting to post all over place...and not wanting to get spoiled as I have been so careful I have decided that

Thank You : )
Also credit for banner belongs to wicked_visions
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The other day, for the first time in almost a year, my sister and I found the time to slip away and see a film in the actual theater. Not rent a movie we both wanted badly to see but because of RL and work restraints were unable to, but acutally go to the theater. It was a great time. We actually were debating between Vacancy and Disturbia(settled on the latter) and really liked it. I felt that the opening was quite powerful, and forgive me for being soft but after it I really wanted to walk out ,and this is why.
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Also I fear I am drastically behind in my projects, I will have to regroup if I wish to accomplish something at sometime.